Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A note from the author

I have been a technology junkie most of my life. I started working with computers in 1991 at a small computer shop in Cincinnati, OH. Back then building systems was still a good businesses model and I was good at it. I could assemble and test 100 systems a day and help walk-in customers with their problems. My super cool 486DX computer was fully loaded with 1MB of ram, unheard of at the time, and I was surfing the bulletin boards with my screaming fast 9600buad modem! I still remember painful tales of loading Windows 95 from floppy disks, and connecting hundreds of systems with token-ring to Windows NT 3.1 (Yuck). I was young in the industry and loving the ever flowing change that took form.

In 1993 I took my first serious steps in the industry and became a Microsoft Certified Professional and received my CompTia A+. With my new knowledge I stepped up the tech ladder and begun working directly with clients. I immediately fell in love with the feeling of helping businesses with their technology, and it has been my passion ever since. Back in 1993 CERN's World Wide Web was the evolution of the industry and communication for the world. Back then the internet was the cloud of the day. We had our naysayers as the dotcom boom took off and everyone added "dotcom" to the end of their name to catch the buzz and gain venture capitalist money. Today I see the same pattern in the next wave of technology we have come to know as "cloud". The same antics seam to apply as hundreds of start-ups come out of the wood works and failing companies change their image by adding cloud to their name. But just as the dotcom era had its correction and clean out phase so will this technology. But before it does what wonders will reach the surface and what will become the dominate standards for the cloud?

All of this is yet to come but one thing is for sure, cloud computing is here, and like the dotcom boom it will have its day and it will have its clear place in the industry. The real question is who will catch these trends and who will interpret them correctly for today’s businesses? This blog is a stab in that direction. It is not meant to drive the cloud community into one direction or another, but rather to layout its evolving foundation and guide, hopefully in the right direction, where the industry is headed and what are the right choices to look at moving forward.

So please join me in traversing the cloud terrain and let's watch this technology wonder unfold and shape the industry. I look forward to sharing ideas and conversing with you as we move into this cloud era.

Sean Riggs

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